ROFL of the Week: How To not grandparenting

More fun with Engrish from a Google-baiting “blog” called How To bird watching and bird training tips:

My minimal grandson likes to conduct points with me personally so I chosen to placed an exclusive hummingbird bird feeder proper external my cooking area corner exactly where we can easily take a seat and see several hummingbirds basically we possess breakfast time, the afternoon meal, and also dinner.

Once we initially discovered the woman, she would take a flight hummingbird feeders up to in a several legs from my confront like verifying people away… or even attempting to discourage people absent.

The glass hummingbird feeders idea appeals to a range of sorts of chickens.

And they often it appears as though he’ll almost certainly start to soar at a distance, after that stop by mid-air as if to mention “Thank you” and down your dog runs.

Is “down your dog runs” anything like “Bob’s your uncle”?




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