A cardinal of a different color

A male Northern Cardinal with a rare mutation has become an Internet sensation!

Former shelter kitty Lucky Wilbury, who is currently recovering from a life-threatening bladder blockage.

To commemorate this avian celebrity (and gently rib certain curmudgeons in the birding community), I created this homage to Andy Warhol’s colorful silkscreen portraits of celebrities. It’s now available in my Mountain-Gem Arts store on Zazzle on men’s, women’s, unisex, and kids’ T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and more in a variety of bright, medium, and dark colors, including many bird-friendly options. A cropped version including the left and center panels is available for your wall and as a 2-inch square button to adorn your Tilley hat or birding vest (or as one of your minimum 15 pieces of flair).

Proceeds from sales of this design (and everything else in my Zazzle shop) will help defray the cost of recent lifesaving veterinary treatment for my indoor-only rescue kitty, Lucky Wilbury.



And now a public service announcement from Weird Al Yankovic

Robin who?

ROFL of the Week: How To not grandparenting

More fun with Engrish from a Google-baiting “blog” called How To bird watching and bird training tips:

My minimal grandson likes to conduct points with me personally so I chosen to placed an exclusive hummingbird bird feeder proper external my cooking area corner exactly where we can easily take a seat and see several hummingbirds basically we possess breakfast time, the afternoon meal, and also dinner.

Once we initially discovered the woman, she would take a flight hummingbird feeders up to in a several legs from my confront like verifying people away… or even attempting to discourage people absent.

The glass hummingbird feeders idea appeals to a range of sorts of chickens.

And they often it appears as though he’ll almost certainly start to soar at a distance, after that stop by mid-air as if to mention “Thank you” and down your dog runs.

Is “down your dog runs” anything like “Bob’s your uncle”?



ROFL of the Week: No red dye for Pegasus

From a post entitled “Flower Hummingbird” at a bogus Google-baiting site on attracting birds:

I wrote about where to place your hummingbirdfeeders to get the most traffic and where to put them to maintain the Hummers Bully, the ruby-throated hummingbird, to be the only hummingbird to drink with your Hummingbird feeders. These suggestions will provide more traffic and maybe even a little less intimidating.

Nectar hummingbird as Hummers go to the first is natural, the sweet nectar of flowering plants such as Columbine, impatiens, geraniums and more. This gives nectar the bird a high which is the largest sugar before making their journey across the Gulf of Mexico.

Although there has been no testing done on the effects of dyeing on birds, please do not use red food coloring in the solution you use to feed your horses, this could affect your Swift winged wonders.

ROFL of the Day: Analogy FAIL

From a review of new compact sedans:

They have good performance and sip fuel as a hummingbird sips water.

Would you drive a car that burns two to five times its weight in fuel per day?

When the going gets chilly, the chill get crafty

hand-crocheted humingbird feeder cozy

My hand-crocheted hummingbird feeder cozy

After posting a bunch of second-hand/theoretical advice for keeping hummingbird feeders from freezing, I found myself and my clientele (several Anna’s and a Violet-crowned or two) facing a forecast low of 13º F. (-10º C.). My northern friends will smirk (and rightly so), but this is southern Arizona for peeps‘ sake.

Since temperatures this low are such a rare event here, insulating the feeder seemed like the most sensible (and cheapest) approach. Besides, my crochet hooks had been collecting dust since last fall, and this was a good excuse to get back to hooking. So to speak.

After a quick stop to shop for appropriately colored yarn and about two hours of hooking, unraveling, and rehooking, I had a crocheted feeder cozy for an 8-oz. Nature’s Best (my all-time favorite bottle feeder that’s no longer available, sadly).

Before calling it a night, I filled a clean feeder with hot 3:1 solution, slipped on the cozy, and stumbled across the starlit yard to hang it in one of the more popular spots. Another Nature’s Best that had been out all day had frozen beyond the Squishee stage already, with a band of syrup trapped between solid layers of ice.

When I finally got around to checking the feeder this morning (about an hour and a half after sunrise), there was no ice in the bottle at all, but swirls of denser syrup indicated that at least some of the solution had frozen. Interestingly, the HummZinger Mini hanging in front of the poorly insulated living room window showed no signs of having frozen, despite containing a smaller volume of solution with larger surface area and getting very little morning sun to warm it up (it’s on the north side of the house).

I was a little worried about how the hummingbirds would respond to the weird appearance of their feeder. The female Violet-crowned Hummingbird didn’t seem the least bit put off by the bright red “sweater,” but then she didn’t have to wear it.

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Gotta love those disquisitive, aberrant hummingbirds

Another gem of mangled translation turned up by Google Alerts:

One of the disquisitive,ugg australia fascinating birds not hidden are hummingbirds, and for that, a bird house definitely designed to their species is a expert way to attract that limited, aberrant creature to one’s yard.