To a young Anna’s Hummingbird

A modern haiku inspired by yesterday’s Hummingbird Field Clinic:

Summer sun reveals
dark continents adrift in
seas of boiling lava

5 thoughts on “To a young Anna’s Hummingbird

  1. Thanks, Carole! Glad you enjoyed it. We saw “only” 11 species (no Calliope, Allen’s, or Costa’s), but everyone seemed to have a good time.

  2. What a beautiful haiku,indeed! When I was in middle school in Japan,I remember I practiced haiku a lot. :)

    My daughter and I are visiting Beatty’s Gueat Ranch on 8/18 and we’re staying there for 4 days and after that we’re staying at Ramesy Canyon Inn for another 4 days. I talked to you on the phone recently and I’m glad I got to talk to you.
    You cleared all my questions and I feel a lot better now. Thank you, Sheri. :)

    At Ramesy Canyon Inn, I’ll mostly do hummingbird flash shoot and I’m hoping that they will come to my feeder or setup and that I’ll be able to catch Magnificent and Blue-throated. These two are my target birds for my flash shots

    8 more days! It looks like a long wait.


  3. Very nice. Hummingbirds are my favorite. Orchids are my favorite flowering group.

    And no, the black footed ferrets were not traveling paw in paw.

  4. Only this week did I hang a few feeders for the poor Anna’s hanging around here. They’re mostly males, and they found the feeders within 60 seconds! Until the recent rains settled in for the winter, I still had flowers.

    Did you know? I work in Ukiah…which is “Haiku” spelled backwards.

    So glad to have stumbled across your blog, Sheri!

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