I and the Bird #90 is up!

Jeff Gordon is hosting the latest edition of I and the Bird, with a seasonally appropriate theme: Christmas Count Tally Rally.

My first CBC of the season is Monday, in the beautiful and birdy Sulphur Springs Valley (Elfrida). Someone else will probably get assigned to the plum territory that includes Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area (with its Sandhill Cranes, waterfowl, Barn Owls, Vermilion Flycatchers, etc.), but roaming the back roads can be pretty productive (if not quite as heart-poundingly exciting as watching thousands of cranes spiral in for a landing).

Whether you’ll be trudging through ice and snow dressed like the Michelin Man or counting birds from a comfy chair, steaming mug in hand, thanks to everyone who contributes to the largest citizen science effort in history!


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