Bad Tripp

In yesterday’s post about the senseless killing of a Red-shouldered Hawk by pro golfer Tripp Isenhour (left), I provided a link to the PGA feedback form where you can express your feelings about this childish, reprehensible act. But does someone who exhibits such poor judgment and lack of ethics deserve the privilege of playing at such a prestigious course as Grand Cypress Golf Club? Not to mention all the bad publicity he’s brought on the club. If you’d like to comment on this to Grand Cypress management, maybe suggest that he be banned for life, you can use either this e-mail link or the Web form.

BTW, the deadly projectile was likely a Titleist Pro V1X. That’s Isenhour’s preferred ball according to his PGA profile. He’s also on the Titleist Web site, so I’m guessing that he receives some level of sponsorship from them (free balls at least) in exchange for the use of his name and likeness. Does he deserve free Titleist balls if he’s used them to break federal law and commit animal cruelty? If you’re thinking, “No, he doesn’t,” you can express this opinion to Titleist world headquarters toll free at (800) 225-8500, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Eastern Time Monday-Friday.