Homeward bound

I’m currently enjoying a longish layover with family in Texas on my way home from the Adams County Amish Bird Symposium. I’ll be home tonight, but it may take a few days to get my photos off the cell phone (without paying Sprint’s exorbitant monthly fee, that is). It was a fabulous event, and once I get those pics I’ll post a new entry on the experience.

A big, enthusiastic audience, great presentations, luxurious lodging and gourmet cuisine for us presenters, and more — those Ohio birders really know how to throw party! Not to mention the excitement of seeing old friends again: Blue Jays, Downy Woodpeckers, Purple Finches, Carolina Wren. What a treat!

Howdy, birders!

Welcome to my new blog. Though I still plan to contribute to the Birders on the Border Blog, I created LB&E for more personal observations. Hope you’ll join me for bird encounters, ripping yarns, travel reports, invitations to events, a bit of offbeat humor, and the occasional rant on subjects near and dear.