Mountain-Gem Arts Cyber-Monday update

No Gila Monsters were harmed in the making of this pendant.

I’ve been busy this fall, but more with art than birds.

Mountain-Gem Arts now has a permanent URL——and new stuff! I’m most excited about the new Gila Monster series (right), inspired by a request from a friend in New Mexico, but there are new additions to the Heart of the Woods and Rainbow Ripples lines plus new nature-theme earrings: Ornithophily, Kelp Forest, Autumn Leaves, Blue Lagoon. You can also browse a gallery of recent work.

I’ll be exhibiting at the Cascabel Community Fair next weekend, so at least some of the items available now on the Web site will have new homes by Sunday. If you see something you love, better grab it before someone else does.

There’s be more to come soon. If you’re looking for a gift and can’t decide, e-mail me about a gift certificate.

Future additions will include reproductions of some of my 2-D art and links where you can purchase my e-books (in progress).

Thanks for supporting small businesses and independent creators!


3 thoughts on “Mountain-Gem Arts Cyber-Monday update

  1. sheri, these are STUNNING!!!! IS googleaccount the only way to buy them? I don’t have one, nor do I want one. but I do want to shop!!!! LOVE the earrings, and am still looking.. most exciting!

  2. now i’ve read your FAQ, as I’d looked at all i could find online your work is lovely!!! I do prefer to send a check, and reading my last note, I see I failed to sign it. I’m Josephine Nixon in Baton Rouge, la

    in this note you sent this evening, you show chiclet #2 and #3.. so would you choose pairs similar to these that are shown please? give me address and total and I’ll send check. if you put up more on the site, i’d love to see them.

    • Thank you! I just changed the setting to use PayPal, which is usable without signing up for an account, but I’ll be in touch by e-mail about your order.

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