Search of the Week: “are hummingbirds poisonous?”


Small animals that are poisonous or venomous often sport bright colors to warn away predators. This doesn’t apply to hummingbirds.

No. Where it’s legal to do so (not in the U.S., where they’re protected by federal law), you could eat as many hummingbirds as you want without suffering any ill effects.

What’s that? Oh, you meant venomous. No, they’re not venomous, either. If they were, I’d know, because I’ve handled thousands of ’em.


2 thoughts on “Search of the Week: “are hummingbirds poisonous?”

  1. The title of yor article is very ‘creative’… :) I thought there are new species of them found… or new fact about them has been recovered by some scientist…

    • Someone actually did a Web search for “are hummingbirds poisonous,” so I can’t take any credit for “creativity.” Regular readers know that the Search of the Week comes directly from search terms by which people find Life, Birds, and Everything.

      My good friend Lanny Chambers, who lives in Missouri, hears the “hummingbirds are poisonous” myth regularly (as indicated by his comments on this post), but it’s only recently started showing up in the search term stats for LB&E.

      BTW, your link to a site about captive birds has been removed in compliance with this blog’s comment policies.

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