Birds + clay + Arizona = FUN!

I recently connected with a kindred spirit in master polymer clay artist Carol Simmons. Carol also shares my passion for nature in general and birds in particular, so it didn’t take much wheedling and prodding on my part to convince her to team up for a clay + birds workshop in southeastern Arizona next April May!

Carol will share her techniques for creating and using her exquisite intricate cane veneers, and I’ll lead optional low-key, beginner-friendly bird walks and field trips. Casa de San Pedro Bed & Breakfast has been tapped to host the workshop, and early April mid-May birding along the San Pedro River is a colorful and inspiring experience (so are the breakfasts!).

For more information as the workshop develops, please bookmark Carol’s class and workshop schedule.

UPDATE: The workshop is scheduled for May 13-19, 2012 at Casa de San Pedro Bed & Breakfast. Fees and registration information to follow.


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