And now for something completely different: A clockwork heart

Clockwork heart

Originally uploaded by fieldguidetohummingbirds

It’s been an exciting month for creative efforts and a grim one for hummingbirds, so I thought I’d blog about my art for a change.

This is one of my latest efforts in polymer clay. It started out life at the To Bead True Blue show in Tucson as a lump of murky purple scrap. As a helper at Polymer Clay Party Night (sponsored by artists who exhibit and teach at TBTB), I attempted to create a bright purple clay when the prepackaged supply of that color ran out. Unfortunately, I grabbed the first red and blue that came to hand, and they didn’t get along.

Not wanting to condemn the ugly lump to the scrap pile, I started mooshing it into a heart shape. With a tool from my clay kit, I cut out a square in the center, using gold clay mixed with a bit of green (for a brassy look) to edge the cavity and add accents.

Back home, I “installed” watch parts purchased from master polymer clay artist Christi Friesen and sealed them under a layer of resin. With some shimmery russet and violet mica powders to improve the color, a couple of grommets for added visual interest, and a salvaged wire ring for a bail, the steampunk look was complete.

I’ve never been a “heart person,” but this got me on a roll. I’ve filled a couple of sketchbook pages with new heart designs, most with a nature theme. You’ll see some here at LB&E as they come together, along with other polymer clay pieces.

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