ROFL of the Week: No red dye for Pegasus

From a post entitled “Flower Hummingbird” at a bogus Google-baiting site on attracting birds:

I wrote about where to place your hummingbirdfeeders to get the most traffic and where to put them to maintain the Hummers Bully, the ruby-throated hummingbird, to be the only hummingbird to drink with your Hummingbird feeders. These suggestions will provide more traffic and maybe even a little less intimidating.

Nectar hummingbird as Hummers go to the first is natural, the sweet nectar of flowering plants such as Columbine, impatiens, geraniums and more. This gives nectar the bird a high which is the largest sugar before making their journey across the Gulf of Mexico.

Although there has been no testing done on the effects of dyeing on birds, please do not use red food coloring in the solution you use to feed your horses, this could affect your Swift winged wonders.