Gotta love those disquisitive, aberrant hummingbirds

Another gem of mangled translation turned up by Google Alerts:

One of the disquisitive,ugg australia fascinating birds not hidden are hummingbirds, and for that, a bird house definitely designed to their species is a expert way to attract that limited, aberrant creature to one’s yard.


2 thoughts on “Gotta love those disquisitive, aberrant hummingbirds

  1. The “ugg,australia” part was a commercial link (not surprisingly). Some other LOL-inducing passages:

    “It is the dream of manifold bird watchers to have a limited showing of these creatures on a legitimate basis. The transcendent way to do that is to have any hummingbird houses on site.”

    “Further, by offering a feeder, hummingbirds will be bent on make a visit. A word of warning is offered about that, howbeit. The drink that hummingbirds consume is not common sugar water, and to offer sugar water only can be sinister to hummingbirds as they can acquire a fungus in their beaks that can be a common nuisance or undeviating deadly. To avoid that problem it is transcendent to purchase hummingbird nectar.”

    Now I’ll take a stab at this game:

    They do not have the recommendation at least the red dye which is harmful these charms to the health, colorful biology. But buys the commercial nectar is unnecessary and harmfully to wallet!

    (that’s “At least they did not recommend the red dye that is harmful to the health of these charming, colorful creatures. But to buy the commercial nectar is unnecessary and also harmful to the pocketbook!” translated to Chinese and then back to English.)

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