Hummingbird rescue

My husband and I had a little guest in our home for a couple of days last week: a fledgling female Black-chinned Hummingbird who had lost the primary feathers on her right wing.

fledgling female Black-chinned Hummingbird in her "hospital box"

"Miss Thing" in her temporary quarters

The feathers, which were probably pulled out in an encounter with a predator, were already growing back, indicating that she was still being fed by her mother while she recovered from the injury. Lucky girl, but not so lucky when she ended up grounded on a sidewalk. But lucky again when she happened to fall right in front of one of our Bisbee neighbors, who gently scooped her up, took her home, and gave us a call.

Though we don’t do wildlife rehab anymore, we were able to find a rehabilitator in Tucson who specializes in hummingbirds and chauffeured her there the second morning after her rescue. Such a short time in our home, but she won my heart with her fearlessness and determination.

Here’s hoping “Miss Thing” makes a full recovery and returns to her Bisbee birthplace next spring.


3 thoughts on “Hummingbird rescue

  1. we found a young hummingbird in our garage. He is very disoriented and hasnt eaten. doesnt try to fly. Can someone tell us what to do to help him?

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