Taking on a new challenge

WildBird MagazineWell, the cat’s finally out of the bag: I’m going to be a columnist for WildBird. Editor Amy Hooper recruited me to take over the backyard birding beat covered most recently by Val Cunningham of Minnesota, who stepped in to fill the (figuratively) gigantic shoes of the late Texas birder and naturalist June Osborne. These ladies will be very hard acts to follow.

Though I’ve been a quasi-regular contributor to WB for quite a while now, mainly in the annual hummingbird issue, this new gig will give me opportunities to tackle topics I’ve never been asked to write about before. I’m also looking forward to honoring June’s legacy by bringing a touch of southwestern color back to WB‘s coverage of backyard birding.

My new column will debut in the March/April issue. WildBird is available on newsstands, but a subscription will give you more money and time to spend on enjoying birds. And need I mention that WildBird also makes a great any-occasion gift for the bird lovers in your life?


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