Something to crow about…

from an original photo by Juan Tello, licensed by Creative Commons

from an original photo by Juan Tello, licensed by Creative Commons

Woo hoo! I’ve just learned that my recent post “Do we see what bees see?” has been selected as one of 50 winners (out of >500 entries over 800 entries) for The Open Laboratory: The Best Writing on Science Blogs 2008. It’s so exciting to see Life, Birds, and Everything right up there with some big names in the science blogosphere, including some of my regular reads such as fellow bird blogger GrrlScientist. The anthology will be available shortly as both a book and a download from

The illustration above (from a photo by Juan Tello, Creative Commons) serves double duty, because this year my dear husband Tom presented me with my second favorite gift of my adult life: chickens. Okay, I didn’t actually get the chickens, but Tom’s donation to Heifer International in my honor will make it possible for rural residents in Central America to receive chicks to start their own flocks. I love chickens, and Tom said maybe someday we’ll get some of our own, but in the meantime this is a gift I can feel good about and won’t have to feed and clean up after. (My favorite gift? An acre of tropical forest in Belize that Tom adopted in my honor.)


3 thoughts on “Something to crow about…

  1. Congratulations Sheri on your recognition! It is always nice to receive this kind of recognition from time to time when in pursuit of one’s passion.

    I am reminded by your post of a science competition I entered when in the 9th grade. Perhaps the title itself, “The Effects of Liquid Shoe Polish on Tadpoles”, would be the clearest indication as to the far reaching affects it would have on the science community at large, not to mention my teacher. I believe my teacher’s exact words were, “I am only giving you an ‘F’ on your science project because there is nothing lower!”

    Also, I am a big “chicken” fan myself but being a city dweller, surrounded by “City Codes” and all that crap I am forced to live a ‘chickenless’ life. Life just doesn’t seem fair at times.

    Just a few weeks ago I was watching the “Antiques Roadshow” on PBS and thinking how great it would be if I had started saving chicken statuettes years ago, much like some folks save salt and pepper shakers. Seriously!!

    But enough about me. Again, congratulations and I, along with your other blog visitors I’m sure, look forward to future studies and information disseminated here on your blog.

  2. I had to chuckle audibly when I began reading the article you referenced. Granted, I grew up as a ‘city-boy’ so I have a limited expertise when it comes to farm critters and associated terminology but I believe this is the first time ever I have heard (no pun intended) the words “chicken” and “herd” used in the same sentence! And chicken wrangler? I think I may now have a much better understanding of why the cattle ranchers of days gone by had such a distain for sheepherders!!

    I always thought you had a ‘flock’ of chickens and if you wanted them all in one place, you would go ‘gather-up’ the chickens. So, this new terminology just puts the icing on the cake for me as someone who dreams someday of having a chicken ranch. Raises the stature of having anything to do with chickens to a much, much, higher level I think. Usually when you think of ‘herds’ you think of horses, or cattle….even elephants. I have to assume that you could also have a chicken ‘roundup’. And just think of those newspaper headlines….

    “Wrangler Injured By Stampeding Herd of Free Range Chickens”

    This certainly puts a much more macho aurora around someone who keeps chickens. You can be assured that in the future I will use the newly acquired knowledge to its full benefit, anecdotal or otherwise. I guess this means that if you own chickens you can legally wear a cowboy hat huh?

    Thanks Sheri for the article….seriously!!

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