“The first thing you should do, boys, is to join the inventory of male Hummingbird…”

I’ve got a daily Google Alert that notifies me about news articles and blog posts containing the word “hummingbird,” and last week they were all about the new series My Own Worst Enemy. In case you didn’t watch and haven’t heard, the plot involved an apparently fictional technique for marital bliss. Naturally, this created a buzz in the blogosphere and an opportunity for bait-and-switch by unscrupulous bloggers. Google dutifully reported all of these to me, and I deleted them all…until I came to an entry with an intriguing opening:

As you know, male Hummingbirds do not take part nesting. Most species make a cup-shaped nest on the branches of trees or shrubs. Two white eggs, which are defined, although the smallest of all birds, eggs are very large in comparison to …

Hmm…that reads almost like a straightforward (if somewhat garbled) summary of hummingbird reproductive behavior, doesn’t it? Not what one would expect from the post’s racy title. Curiosity got the better of me, so I clicked the link expecting to see a bunch of Google ads wrapped around some bland hummingbird content stolen from another site.

The accompanying photos are almost certainly used without permission, and the text might be as well, but it looks like it was written in some language other than English and run back and forth through Babel Fish before being pasted into the blog post. Trust me – it’s not graphic, just charmingly bizarre. The site appears legit, too, so read it now before the Councillor Watch blogmaster takes it down.


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