Hitting the road again…

BTTHvignette…this time to southern Sonora, Mexico. It’s not quite as exciting as Guatemala, but it’s still a pretty cool destination for birders and other nature lovers.

I’m leading a 6-day birding trip that will include the charming colonial town of Alamos in southernmost Sonora plus San Carlos on the coast of the Gulf of California. We’ll start out early tomorrow morning from Bisbee by van, drive through some magnificent Sonoran Desert, and end up tomorrow evening at a hotel by the subtropical banks of the Rio Mayo.

We should see some mighty fine birds, including northbound migrants as well as tropical “specialties” such as Bare-throated Tiger-Heron (above left), White-fronted Parrot, and Social Flycatcher and west-Mexican endemics such as Black-throated Magpie-Jay, Sinaloa Crow, Mexican Parrotlet, and Elegant Quail. Not to mention five species of giant cacti, leafless trees in full bloom over the tropical deciduous forest, and much more.

My stalwart husband and usual birding partner Tom has to stay home to mind the fort (in a more literal way than you might imagine), so I’ll be co-leading with our Sonoran colleague Eduardo Gómez Limón. Expect post-trip posts here and at Birders On The Border. (If I don’t post, nag me until I do.)

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