Hawk killer banned from scene of crime!

Check out the statement Grand Cypress Golf Club posted to its Web site:

Golfer Tripp Isenhour has been charged with two misdemeanors after an incident in which a hawk was killed on our property while Isenhour was taping a TV show.

No one from the Grand Cypress Resort was present when the incident occurred, and we did not learn about it until after the fact. We cooperated fully with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission when it investigated.

In the past, Isenhour had used our facilities for practice, as many local touring professionals do at this and other golf facilities in the area. He has not and does not tour under a Grand Cypress sponsorship. Because of the hawk incident, we have terminated his access to practice at the resort. [emphasis mine]

Golf is a sport that is rooted in the enjoyment of nature and being outdoors. In fact, one of the special treats our guests currently are enjoying is seeing bald eagles that are nesting on our property. We are distressed and saddened by the hawk incident and want everyone who hears about it to understand the resort’s feelings and that the resort was not involved.

This is great! From the timing, the club obviously had this statement in the works even as I was working on my original post. I’m disabling the e-mail link there but reinstate it here for those who would like to express their gratitude to Grand Cypress for its prompt and uncompromising response to the issue.

Let’s hope for an equally positive response from Titleist, and that when Mr. Isenhour gets his day in court he gets smacked upside the head, metaphorically speaking, with the full force of the law.


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