Don’t look now, but the Emperor is nekkid

First, a confession: I have these urges to create beautiful, interesting things that have no practical purpose. Not very strong urges, unfortunately, so very little creating actually gets done, but they did lure me to the colorful, tactile, chameleonic medium of polymer clay.

Puritan work ethic and the need for something like a reliable paycheck (ha!) keep me from spending hours squeezing, sculpting, rolling, layering, cutting, impressing, etc., so to keep my muse from starving to death I steal a few minutes a day to read PC-related blogs and forums. Often I’m blown away by what more motivated artists have accomplished with the medium, from figural sculpture to imaginative vessels to jewelry and other wearable/functional art. Sure, not everyone who gets their hands on PC can take it beyond the Play-Doh stage, but I’m in awe of those who do.

One of my regular reads is Susan Lomuto’s Polymer Clay Notes. Like any good artist, Susan is constantly searching for inspiration in other media, and she shares some of her finds with her readers. Normally I appreciate how her choices broaden my horizons, but today’s entry, crudely embellished Necco wafers, gave me flashbacks to college.

This is the sort of thing my art professors would swoon over, while I’d just roll my eyes and mutter, “The emperor has no clothes.” It’s just doodles on candy, for Pete’s sake–the only thing that makes it high art is the pretentiousness of the doodler and the gullibility of her admirers.

Good thing my major was biology–I’d never have made it as a “real” artist.

Sorry, Susan.